In what is arguably the most definitive example, Barry Lyndon uses zoom shots to reveal epic landscapes and classical compositions.
I cut almost 10 minutes worth of them in this compilation, around 5% of the total film which is 3 hours long.
An interesting fact is that a special order 24-480mm T9 lens was created from Angeniuex elements to pull off these massive zooms.
Warning: contains spoilers!

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Running Around in the Forbidden City (THE LAST EMPEROR)

If you think about it, a good deal of our time watching movies is spent outside of dialogue or key action sequences: walking, running, driving, or some variation of it.
These moments of transition may seem like filler but actually create the stage for some iconic shots in classic films.
I cut together scenes from The Last Emperor to illustrate different ways of shooting the same thing.
Warning: spoilers ahead!